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If practising Yoga on Zoom and fumbling to look at the screen is not your thing, then perhaps these audio practices can be your companion when you have a little time to roll out your mat, or lie down on your bed for a breather! I have put together a mix of movement, breath and meditation practices for various times of the day.

For new practitioners, welcome! You're most welcome to try these audio practices out, but consider working with a yoga teacher as well, so as to make sure you have the basics in place. You can also check out the video sequences that my colleagues and I have filmed — these are up for streaming on the Hom Yoga YouTube channel.

If you're working with any injuries or have health concerns, please clear this with your doctor first — while yoga is a holistic practice for health and vitality, these clips should not replace the advice from your healthcare provider. I also don't offer prenatal and postnatal modifications, but you're most welcome to take your own. Lastly, rest and hydrate whenever you need. :)


This is a playlist of the audio recordings for the Living Yoga Chakra Series I recently taught live on Zoom. Each session is about 90 minutes, and combines journalling, asana, pranayama and meditation. I strive to be as clear and succinct as I can be in my verbal cues, but since these are paid files (you can keep them forever), I would highly recommend that you invest in them only if you are fairly used to practising with me and therefore familiar with the cues I offer in classes. I have free audio practices on Spotify that you may wish to try in the meantime. (Scroll down the page.)

The download link should appear immediately once payment is confirmed — please download it immediately, instead of waiting for the link is sent to your email address.

Practise with me for free on Spotify! Click the image below to launch your Spotify player (or download it!) and follow my page.

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