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"Leigh's Living Yoga Vinyasa 200hr Teacher Training was a life-changing experience that I will cherish forever. On a practical level, the course equipped me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to kick off my career as a yoga instructor. Something I really appreciated was how Leigh was able to respect the different approaches to yoga that each of us in the group held, and with her guidance, to grow these into our own unique and authentic teaching presences. On a deeper level, the teacher training's journey of self-discovery, has allowed me to cultivate a connection to my own yoga practice that is much stronger and more holistic than before. My yoga is now something which teaches wisdom, both on the mat as well as in my daily life.

- Robert Kos, 2019 teacher training graduate

"Leigh is a natural teacher who shares from her heart. She created a safe place for all of us to learn not only about yoga but also ourselves. Join Leigh’s teacher training if you are ready to embark on a journey of transformation!"

- Rachel​ Yim, 2019 teacher training graduate

"Leigh’s teacher training is reflective of her contemplative style of teaching - guiding you to ‘feel’ more rather than just ‘do’, empowering you with options and variations as you flow, leaving you with insights on and off the mat. In that sense, this training is perfect for you if you look towards becoming a teacher who embodies what you share via an authentic voice, and who empowers students to discover their unique journeys of personal growth within and beyond the mat. Step in to see Leigh’s ‘magic’ of holding space so beautifully and intricately for all that to unfold, right before you."

- Tan Yee Ting, 2019 teacher training graduate

"Attending the Living Yoga Teacher Training by Leigh was one of the best decisions made in 2020. It provided a deeper understanding on the practice of yoga for me, and what really stood out was the background and essence of yoga, that’s often buried in this modern world. The curriculum was extensive and well-planned, providing an all rounded learning opportunity into various aspects and topics related to yoga — be it whether you’re seeking to teach it after or to deepen your personal practice. I was held safely and guided gently in this space for the entire duration of the teacher training."

- Gabby Song, 2020 teacher training graduate

"In the age of Instagram yoga — where the practice is increasingly associated solely with the ability to pretzel yourself into a pose for the ‘gram, Leigh offers a perspective of yoga steeped in tradition, lineage and spirituality.  From day one, I felt safe to ask questions about anything in the sacred space she forged, and I never had to be anything more than what I already was.  You will absolutely emerge from the training with a rich understanding of yoga tradition and solid grounding in the technical aspects of teaching, but more importantly, feeling empowered on what it means to be authentically you.  Learning how to look inward for guidance in a time where we’ve been taught only to look to others, is the most beautiful thing. And with Leigh, that is what you will discover."


- Bell Yeo, 2020 teacher training graduate

"The Living Yoga 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training is a contemplative, holistic and unique teacher training that transformed me on and off the mat profoundly. Leigh is an insightful, invitational and empowering teacher who pays the utmost attention to effectively plan and conduct the training intentionally. She artfully holds the most beautiful safe space for trainees to deep dive inwards, step into our own voice and invite us to share yoga from an authentic heart space. Her wealth of knowledge comes with years of continual study with her teachers. I would highly recommend this training to the curious ones who are keen to explore what yoga has to offer for themselves, and henceforth extend and offer the practice to others safely. I am immensely grateful to be part of this yoga community with Leigh and friends."

- Xie Xiuyun, 2021 teacher training graduate

"The journey of yoga begins with the self, and Leigh is the guiding light for many of us to take on this path of awakening our consciousness. You will learn to surrender to the moment and accept all parts of you, both the good and the not-so-good. With Leigh's guidance and intuition, you will begin to unravel hard truths and identify layers of the self. Her expansive knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, and the subtle energies are thoughtfully curated for all levels. No matter where you are in your yoga practice, you will leave this training with a rich and well-made toolbox, filled with intelligent sequencing and the art of holding space for others. Most importantly, you will discover a deeper connection with your Self and develop a personal self practice. Thank you Leigh for your devotion and service to yoga!"

- Candice Goh, 2021 teacher training graduate

"I have to admit that I went into Leigh's Living Yoga 200hr Teacher Training to just learn how to teach, however, I ended up more than what I signed up for. Leigh had held the space every weekend, as if a warm nurturing embrace, facilitating my journey in digging a little deeper, breathing a little more mindfully and in uncovering a teaching style that  I could call my own. Having embodied all that I experienced during the training, I was empowered with what felt like a brand new personal practice, nourished with the philosophy of yoga as well as the fundamental knowledge of Ayurveda, that can meet me wherever I am at, inside and out."

- Ian Marcus Yeow, 2021 teacher training graduate

"Leigh’s teacher training was incredibly well curated, full-stop. It was engaging, fun, wholesome and a significant life journey for many of us in this kula. Through her facilitation and the sharing from her guest teachers, we were provided with the tools and frameworks required to confidently teach a class. We learnt so much about the tradition of Yoga and were left inspired to learn more on our own! What really came through for most of us in the training was the ability to learn more about ourselves — our bodies, mind, preferences, limitations — and share that through our own practice. She wanted us to not be cookie cutter teachers because she saw that we are all unique individuals with a lot to offer. We were all able to celebrate our differences throughout our training journey, nourished by the knowledge of Yoga and deeply inspired by our teacher who embodies the practice in her own unique way.

- Loh Yumin, 2022 teacher training graduate


"Just that right space and pause: The space, of comfortable solitude and kula companionship, the pause, a beautiful hiatus from the day to day. This is what Leigh's retreats have been for me. My husband and I have been to Sri Lanka and North India with Leigh, and they have been nothing short of magical (no wonder why we spent our honeymoon and wedding anniversary with her!). Each experience left us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, bringing clarity to what yoga is to us as individuals, us as a couple, and us as a part of this world. Leigh's retreats never fail to provide the immersive experience to live and breathe yoga, on and off the mat. Would highly encourage you to experience her transformative retreats too!'

- Jasmine Teo, 2018 Sri Lanka and 2019 North India retreat participant

"I first met Leigh two years ago at her class in Singapore. That class was different from anything I had experienced before. Leigh is a natural teacher. Her contemplative and engaging style encourages one to look inside oneself, and express oneself authentically on and off the mat. Since then, I have attended her retreats in Sri Lanka and North India. Leigh's yoga sessions during the retreat, coupled with the grounding energy of the retreat venues, draw us in to a space of calm and peace, where one is able to set clear intentions to live life with greater clarity and purpose. I have learnt much, and continue to learn much from her. I hope you would experience the same through her amazing retreats!"


- Sheng Hongbin, 2018 Sri Lanka and 2019 North India retreat participant

"Leigh's Living Yoga retreats to Sri Lanka and North India were both incredibly memorable. They were not only opportunities to unwind from the usual hectic life, they also provided the space for quiet introspection and, most importantly, connect with other like-minded individuals. From meaningful daily yoga sessions to delicious meals, the few days spent away from home felt cosy and rewarding in so many ways. I also loved that Leigh specially selects a retreat space that has a lot of character and charm. Disconnect to Connect - join Leigh's yoga retreats to experience for yourself the magical space that she holds!"

- Lyn Low, 2018 Sri Lanka and 2019 North India retreat participant

"In the presence of Mother Nature, one feels safe and comforted. That's the beauty and magic of the retreat at Andretta. Yet immersed in the sound of Mother Nature, what is Mother Nature truly saying? Mother Nature speaks through Leigh! Every morning practice was a reminder to remember Mother Nature and to return back to one’s nature and truth. Leigh thoughtfully and skilfully incorporated the koshas into daily practice - each practice was an invitation to slowly peel away the outer layers we 'dress up' in to meet the world, to peel away the layers that ‘cover us’ from our truth. In the safe space of the group, held by Leigh’s nurturing energy, we began to open up truthfully to each other. And through the practice and sharing, one begins to find the way back Home. Home to Mother Nature, home to one’s truth and nature!!"


- Edmund Ang, 2019 North India retreat participant

"I was very fortunate to attend the Living Yoga retreat with Leigh in Bali in July 2022. There are not enough superlatives to describe the wonderful feelings of serenity and fulfilment I had by such a well-planned retreat by Leigh and her assistant, Adiyoga. From our arrival practice on Thursday through our traditional Bali water temple blessing ceremony, the Yoga nidra, Yin and vitality daily practices, the whole retreat was meticulously planned and executed by Leigh who naturally guides her students through the spiritual journey into self awareness. Leigh has a natural ability to teach us how to be present with ourselves and the environment. This retreat is for everyone at all yoga levels; not just committed Yogis.  As someone who has done Yoga for years and has found Pilates a better fit, there is no doubt that a Living Yoga retreat can provide everyone with a beautiful, grounded,  reflective and personal inward journey whatever it is you seek to achieve. Huge love and thanks to Leigh for the experience, see you again at the next one. :)" 


- Nick Silver, 2022 Bali retreat participant

"I always feel rejuvenated after attending Leigh’s Living Yoga retreats. The hosts of our accommodations were welcoming and Leigh ensures that we are well-nourished. She skilfully and patiently guides twice daily Yoga practices, leaving me rested and energised every time. Surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city life, these retreats should be an annual affair for everyone!"


- Estelle Ng, 2019 North India and 2022 Bali retreat participant

“The two of us are fortunate enough to practice privately with Leigh in Singapore and we were also lucky to secure two spots on her recent Bali retreat. Leigh truly lives Yoga and helps us to do the same. She is holistic in her approach, incorporating asana (physical practice), mantra (chanting), pranayama (breathwork) and dhyana (contemplation and meditation). Her light and energy draws similar people to her and we met wonderful like-minded individuals at our retreat. If you are considering practicing with Leigh or attending one of her retreats, then do not hesitate — if not to ensure you are able secure a slots that almost sell out instantaneously, then to ensure you learn Yoga from someone who teaches it in its truest sense."

- Aditi Madhok & Steven Naarden, 2022 Bali retreat participants

“I had the best time during this retreat with Leigh in Ubud. The retreat was what I needed physically, emotionally and spiritually! The views of the rice paddies in Ubud were absolutely scenic and tranquil and it was the perfect setting for Yoga and meditation. This was my first ever Yoga retreat and I enjoyed every single moment of it — from our daily Yoga practices to our temple visit and our hike to see the sunrise! I also felt that I had lots of downtime to reconnect with nature and relax throughout this trip. Thank you so much for an incredible experience!"

- Geraldine Pang, 2022 Bali retreat participant

“A retreat with Leigh isn’t just time away doing Yoga all day. What you’ll get is a cultural, spiritual and introspective experience, which speaks to each individual in its own way. Highly recommended for anyone and everyone, regardless of where you are in your Yoga journey!"

- Sharita Devi, 2019 Sri Lanka and 2022 Bali retreat participant

"Signing up for the retreat with Leigh was a 100% yes (as long as work is not in the way). I've followed Leigh's practice throughout the years and have always felt safe and encouraged to explore within. The retreat with Leigh and the kula in Bali was nothing short of magical. It was exactly what I needed, a pause and the space to simply be. It wasn't about the heart-pumping asanas and look-good inversions, it was all about the breath (of life) and being at complete ease to scale back and look inwards. In a heartbeat, I'll say YES over and over again to any retreats with Leigh."

- Gabby Song, 2022 Bali retreat participant

“Travelling off the beaten track on Mama Leigh’s retreat gave me a precious and unique opportunity to delve inwards, in the company of like-minded souls. It instilled a sense of peace deep within that I wasn’t aware was possible. I highly recommend her retreats if you seek to look beyond the superficial, and gain perspective from the road less travelled."

- Lyn Yeo, 2022 Bali retreat participant

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