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Leigh found yoga 17 years ago in a tiny studio in Chinatown. As much as she enjoyed the dance-like flow of postures, it was the meditation practice after the asana sessions that really drew her in. Her first teacher Sunil Dahiya used to ask: “Where are you in your body? Meditate on that.” That set the tone for Leigh’s yoga journey since, and she believes that skilfully sequenced and meditative practices are key to connecting us to our deeper, higher wisdom.

Leigh has been teaching since 2013, and over the years, learned to understand and, more importantly, respect anatomical differences. Because of that, she believes in creating safe spaces that empower practitioners to step into their intuitive wisdom and practise according to their inner alignment — asanas that look right on the outside may not necessarily feel so within. She continues to be influenced by her teachers Emily Kuser, Nitya Mohan, David Frawley, Jo Phee and Octavio Salvado; as well as the teachings of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tantra, which often form the energetic or philosophical pillars of her classes.

Leigh's classes are embodied, intuitive and poetic, and a reflection of her life on and off the mat. She sees life to be the greatest teacher, with every moment serving as an opportunity to connect to our highest self and to live with intention, compassion and integrity.



Living Yoga retreats combine Leigh’s love for travel with her sincere desire to hold space for journeys of introspection, healing and transformation.

Living Yoga retreats are intimate gatherings of no more than 20 people, and are almost always hosted at heritage properties off the beaten track. Participants are encouraged to honour their inner rhythm. While days are bookmarked by morning and evening practice, there's plenty of time between to take in what the locality has to offer — it could be visiting the village temple in Sri Lanka, catching a wave in Bali, or pottery lessons in India. Or, you could simply kick back with a book, nurse a cup of tea and journal in silence. 

Joining a Living Yoga retreat is a lovely opportunity to connect with a community of practitioners who have intended to leave behind their daily routines and habitual clutter, and recalibrate amidst a framework of daily pranayama, asana and meditation. Magic always happens when like-minded yogis gather — boundaries soften, smiles widen, and friendships always blossom, initiating all into the concept of kula — the Living Yoga family.

Every moment in life is yoga; to practise is to live. 

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