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A group practice works, until it doesn't. While it is effective in setting the foundation for regular practice and fostering community with like-minded individuals, public yoga classes are often bounded by too many factors to make effective headway in terms of fulfilling the goal of Yoga — to guide one into union with his/her highest Self. This Self is made up of many complex layers — we all have different anatomies, not to mention vast differences in upbringing, culture, as well as family and societal conditioning. Even a well-sequenced and best-intentioned group class can only bridge so much variance. Transformation may still come, but in a slow, sometimes halting manner. 

Originally, Yoga was taught one to one — a tradition that is very much diluted today. Yoga's transformative potential comes through when the practice is catered to an individual, after clear understanding of his/her disposition, lifestyle and goals. This is what I take into consideration when you book in for a private session with me. After getting to know you better, I would be able to highlight appropriate postural modifications to adapt to your specific anatomical structure, with both its strengths and imbalances, while at the same time taking into consideration other significant influences like your disposition and constitution. There is no one-size fits all approach.

These private sessions are ideal if you are invested in a well-rounded Yoga practice incorporating breath-centric asana, pranayama and, depending on your needs, a short meditation.

I am unlikely the right fit if you are looking for a teacher to break down and teach you advanced postures. 

Cost: SGD150 per session,

inclusive of my transport to your city centre home

(10% discount for 5-session packages)

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