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Open to Grace

Dear friend,

I have been thinking a lot about Grace. When I was sharing with a friend about a particular challenge I had been grappling with for a few years now, he very sincerely asked me: "Have you considered this not to be a problem, but to be Grace, reminding you that there is more work to be done?"


The first teacher training I attended had its foundation in Anusara yoga, and I would always remember the lineage's first universal principle of alignment — open to Grace. As I reflect again on this principle many years on, it strikes me that it is an invitation to align both body and spirit to possibility. It's easy to open to Grace when all is well and good, but the practice truly begins when things are murky and awry. Yet, that same invitation to open ourselves to possibility applies, even in — and dare I say — especially in the challenging moments.

This 180-degree change in perspective has brought forth the potent internal shifts that come from allowing, as opposed to rejecting. Some days I find it easy to open to Grace; other days I make my practice one of softening into Grace.

I woke up feeling like this may be what you needed to hear today.

With all my love,



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