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Originally, Yoga was taught one to one — a tradition that is very much diluted today. Yoga's transformative potential comes through when the practice is catered to an individual, after clear understanding of his/her disposition, lifestyle and goals. A personalised practice (sadhana) would highlight appropriate postural modifications to adapt to specific anatomical structure and imbalances, while taking into consideration other important influences like one's Ayurvedic constitution.

The pinnacle in my Yoga journey was studying with Tantric Hatha teacher Octavio Salvado, who initiated me into personalising my practice (sadhana) through skilful application of prana, mantra and Tantric meditations. Under his wing, I embarked on 40-day sadhanas where I practised the exact same sequence of postures, breath work and meditation techniques day after day. I expected to be bored, but instead, I was transformed. The rigour of sadhana awakened me to a deep-seated steadiness in my Self — a steadiness that stems from Source and is independent of external circumstances.

For true seekers, the goal of Yoga — to better understand our self and guide it into union with our higher Self — can only come with the intimacy of self-practice, where we confront the chatter of our mind head on. However, it does not mean rolling out your mat and moving however you feel like, but instead, working out an intentional approach to the practice, which supports you to embody your highest potential. And I am excited to get you started.

What's included in the mentorship package:

  • 3 x 45-minute Zoom calls

    • In the first, I will get to know you and your intentions for your sadhana, after which we will design a personalised sadhana combining asana, pranayama and meditation for you to practise daily for 21 or 30 days.

    • We will schedule the second call after your first sadhana to regroup, and decide on the sequence and duration for your second sadhana.

    • We will schedule our final call at the end of your second sadhana, to debrief and clarify your direction forward. By then, you should be ready to remove your training wheels and independently continue with a daily sadhana. 

  • 2 x mid-sadhana email check-ins

Investment: SGD300

*This mentorship can be further adapted for Yoga teachers (teaching mentorship), and graduates from my immersions and teacher trainings who desire additional support in assimilating and applying course content.

Email me for enquiries or to sign up.

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