Next intake: Weekend program from 23 Apr to 19 Jun 2021, Hom Yoga Raffles Place
$4,200 thereafter (1 space left)

At the heart of yoga is connection — to the practice, to the community, to yourself. Before we can share the gift of yoga, we must first do the inner work. This training asks that you be ready to do just that — to shed restrictive beliefs, to dare to be vulnerable and, most importantly, to dare to be yourself.

Shaped by Leigh’s contemplative and empowering teaching style, this training program brings a plethora of essential pillars to the table — yoga philosophy, functional anatomy, sequencing, asana modifications and Ayurveda, all of which we will study within a framework of daily pranayama, asana and meditation practice.

The curriculum guarantees you a solid starting foundation to confidently teach vinyasa yoga, but it is also so much more. Our time together creates an experiential learning environment for you to explore, debate and discover your own truths about your body and your practice. From that space, the training will support you to step into your authentic voice, so the yoga you share is relatable, honest and real.

Regular circle sharing and introspective discussions are part of the coursework, so participants should be open to a degree of vulnerability and honesty. Leigh also teaches based on energetic, intuitive alignment, which may be significantly different from what many practitioners are used to. It is recommended that you take at least a few classes with her at Hom Yoga Singapore to familiarise yourself with her teaching style before committing to this training.


Module I: The body

We begin our training with the most tangible — our physical practice. Our bodies become the tools through which we explore and redefine our asana practice. We break down common asanas and their modifications, and learn to harness the use of both manual and verbal cues in adjustments and assists. Led by physiotherapist Max Teong (so familiar with treating yoga injuries!), highly engaging anatomy sessions bring asanas to life, teaching you healthy and sustainable movement patterns, while empowering you to work with your body (and others’) in mindful and efficient ways. This course does not focus on teaching advanced asana, but you are free to express your own asana variations during our daily practice.

Module II: Beyond the mat

In this module, we delve into subtler concepts and topics that are beyond the physical. We explore Ayurveda, sacred texts, mantra and philosophy, and navigate the world of chakras, pranayama and meditation. This module offers a deeper, contemplative viewpoint of the practice, alongside a grounded approach to weave and integrate these insights into modern living.


Module III: The art of teaching
In this module, we prepare to take the seat of a teacher, discovering our unique gifts and authentic voice. We explore the language of yoga — tone, clarity and rhythm; learn intelligent sequencing; and dive deep into the art of theming, drawing on yoga philosophy and our life experiences as inspiration for building impactful class templates. We learn how to set up a safe, trauma-informed learning space, manage surprise scenarios, and refine our teaching through practice teaching sessions and lots of feedback.

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